SEMA 2011: Tuned Ford Mustangs Inspire Personalization

When it comes to pony car enthusiasts, owners are always looking for a way to overpower their competition to come out on top, whether it’s on the track or in between free-for-all stop light encounters. Or maybe they just want their ride to look the best. Thankfully, the head-turning Mustangs showcased at Ford’s exhibit at this year’s SEMA show should give owners a dose of inspiration needed to personalize their rides.

2012 Ford Mustang by Forgiato Wheels

Most cars with wide body kits usually have an aggressive stance, and have superb aerodynamics. This particular Mustang GT sports TS Designs wide body fabrication kit, coupled a 3D Carbon Boy Racer body kit. Now, for rakish curves like these they went with a matte pearl silver finish which really shows how mean this car can look. Of course with this sort of stance they included a staggered wheel set up by Forgiato. Complementing the body are three-piece 21-inch front wheels and 22-inch rear wheels. Some people might be saying this Mustang is full of “show” with no “go”. Well, they fixed that problem with a Vortech supercharger, just in case you care to back up your appearance.

2012 Ford Mustang by Creations n’ Chrome

Who says there is such a thing as too much chrome? Creations n’ Chrome this year dressed up their 2012 Mustang GT with a Spectra Chrome Boy Racer Red spray-on paint finish.  If you think that is too much “shiny” red, you might want to think again with the Autosport Dynamics carbon fiber hood, roof and trunk that really makes this Mustang different from any other. To top it all off, they added HRE performance 18-inch forged wheels. C n’ C also added their own roll cage just in case things were to get out of hand with the Vortech supercharger under the hood of this beast. With an exterior such as this, of course they had to add their own custom interior. Just in case you miss staring at the outside of the car while you’re driving.

2012 Ford Mustang by MRT Performance

Consumers these days are all about the bigger the better. For the average muscle car enthusiast it’s all about the big V8 that screams as you drive down the road, and to tear up the strip. However, that did not stop MRT Performance this year from customizing a 2012 Ford mustang V6. With technology improving these days, Ford has managed to get over 300hp out of their 2011 Ford Mustang V6. That didn’t stop MRT Performance from adding a ProCharged supercharger at SEMA this year. With its MRT stainless steel MaxFlow H-pipe and half back exhaust system it basically drones out some of the competition.

For this Mustang to truly shine at a track they equipped it with H&R’s fully adjustable coilover performance suspension to take turns and corners with no problem. With the turns you’ll be willing to take in this car, MRT placed Sparco seats just in case you feel like trying to defy physics one turn at a time. Obviously a Mustang that sounds this good has to look good. So MRT equipped it with a custom hood and a bright yellow paint job that really makes it shine.

2012 Ford Mustang by H&R Springs

H&R has premium quality suspension components that are manufactured and produced to enhance handling potential, style, and still maintain a comfortable riding experience for daily driving. So at SEMA 2011 they gave their 2012 Ford Mustang GT their very own H&R RSS sport suspension,one that was designed and tested on the mighty Nurburgring. With the help of thicker sway bars and triple C camber adjustment bolts it’s hard to not rip it through a turn without having a devilish grin on your face.

The H&R Mustang also offers a Flowmaster stainless steel exhaust, Edelbrock E-force supercharger, cold air intake filter, and a 3.5” pulley. With so much power traction becomes a bit of an issue. So H&R decided to slap on 0Z Raffaello lll wheels, measuring 20 x 9” for the fronts and 20 x 11.5” for the rear. With Pirelli PZero tires measuring 275/40ZR20 for the front, and 305/35ZR20 for the rear. For the exterior they include a Street Scene Equipment body kit and custom paint by Tri-Star Enterprise with a matte black roof treatment. All these modifications truly live up to the name of this mustang appropriately being named the “Legend”.

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