2015 Ford Mustang Exterior Design Tour: Video

Having unveiled the 2015 Mustang this morning in six different countries, Ford is continuing the Stang party Stang-fest with a series of videos outlining how the the new pony came to be. In the video below, Joel Piaskowski, Ford Design Director, Exterior and Kemal Curic, Exterior Design Manager discuss the themes that drove the design of the all-new Ford Mustang:

Some points of interest:

The design of the sixth-gen Mustang started out with a plethora of “ideation” sketches. The gaol was to determine the most appropriate design elements for the car. Designers studied various design elements from Mustangs of the past and how they could be evolved for a more modern message that didn’t necessarily have a “retro” theme. Three final design themes were chosen, with Ford selecting one. The final design of the ’15 Stang does include ideas from other themes.

2015 Ford Mustang - design themes

2015 Ford Mustang – design themes

Every line on the new Mustang is new and reinvented, with many key elements taken from the Mustang’s heritage. There’s a noticeable bloodline running through the entire car. One historic cue that has been reinterpreted in a modern way on the 2015 Mustang is this “punching out” element, which is representative of a first breaking through glass or punching through the wind. The entire front end was developed from this theme.

The "punching out" theme

The “punching out” theme

To accomplish the shark nose bite look as seen on the 1965.5 – 1969 Mustang, designers brought the headlights forward while including several large openings in the upper and lower grille. The nose sits proud ahead of a cabin, which has been moved rearward.

The nose

The nose

Moving the cabin back gives the ‘Stang a longer hood while creating a more personal greenhouse cabin for the driver for a 1964/1965 look of the car. The team also made several designs for the daylight opening (DLO) graphic, which includes the side glass. Deciding on the unified DLO seen on the production model helped solidify the 2015 Mustang’s design and bring it into a new dimension, especially the fastback profile.

2015 Mustang's daylight opening design

The final daylight opening design

Designers made the rear track wider, pulling each wheel outboard 20mm, while making the tail lights narrower. Doing so gives the new Mustang a “wide fender” look, as should be on a muscle car.

The design also sports many three dimensional surface techniques, as seen on the decklid and taillights. It’s those tri-bar taillights, which are unmistakably Mustang, that will make the sixth-generation Mustang instantly identifiable from miles away.

The three-dimensional surface of the taillights

The three-dimensional surface of the taillights

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