Ford Puts Spotlight On New Focus, Explorer On Revised Home Page

In preparing to launch the all-new Focus and Explorer, Ford has just changed the centerpiece illustration of its home page. The new graphic presents the 2012 Focus, 2011 Explorer, and the 2011 Fusion Hybrid set against an urban downtown background. The new artwork looks very classy and appealing, to say the least.

If there’s anything negative about this web design change, it’s the glaring distinction between the front end treatments of all three vehicles, which speaks to the fact that the Blue Oval seems to have two rather distinct design directions for the corporate grille/front clip of its vehicles. Going forward, however, we expect all Ford cars to use the grille from the new Focus and all Ford CUVs/SUVs/trucks to continue with the three-bar approach seen on the Edge, Explorer, and F-150, respectively.

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