Video: Reducing Drag Of The 2011 Explorer

While we enjoy prominent automotive qualities such as acceleration, fuel economy, and cabin tranquility as much as the next car nut, we sometimes completely gloss over topics that are directly responsible for these properties. One such topic is that of aerodynamics.

Case in point: engineers who worked on the all-new Ford Explorer knew early on that aerodynamics would play an extremely important role in making the Explorer as fuel efficient and refined (especially at highway speeds) as it is today. So we thought it pertinent to share with you a video of Ford’s Brian Izad and Van Stewart – both of whom worked on the new Explorer as Senior Designer and Lead Aerodynamicist, respectively – discussing the challenges they faced in creating an SUV that’s sleek and aerodynamic as well as rugged at the same time.

Aerodynamics – a topic that doesn’t hit the news wire on a daily basis even though drivers benefit from it every time they get behind the wheel of a car.

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