Classic Recreations Adds Some Venom To Their GT500CR

Classic Recreations, a company well known for building high performance Mustangs using classic bodies from the sixties have unleashed their new creation. Enter the Shelby GT500CR “Venom”. Using their Shelby GT500CR as a base, CR dropped in a 427-cubic-inch V8 with a ProCharger F1-R centrifugal supercharger producing 780 horsepower. A set of Nitto NT555 series tires and an upgraded suspension help handle the extra horsepower in the car. Inside, a set of racing bucket seats and a 200-mph speedometer let you know this isn’t any ordinary car.

Prices for the Venom begin at $199,000 and only go up from there, but it seems oh-so-worth it.

Source: Classic Recreations

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