NHTSA Probes More F-150 Pickups Over Faulty Fuel Tank Straps

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is increasing the number of Ford F-150 pickups built between 1999 through 2001 in their investigation of faulty fuel tank straps. Back in September, the NHTSA opened the fuel strap investigation that dealt with 1.4 million F-150s. Now, the NHTSA has added 1.3 million more F-150s to their investigation, bringing it to a total of 2.7 million pickups.

There have been 339 total complaints have been filed with Ford and the NHTSA regarding the strap. Of that number, only nine have stated the gas tank has fallen out and two have said a fire was cause by the gas tank dropping.

Ford says it’s complying with NHTSA’s investigation.

Source: The Detroit News

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