Ford, U.S. Goverment Near Settlement In 7-Year Lawsuit Over Rouge Complex

Ford is nearing a settlement with the United States Government over the clean up of the archaic Rouge manufacturing complex. Seven years ago, Ford sued the government over the cost of clean up over the notion that Uncle Sam should take on a portion of the clean up costs.

Ford opened the Rouge manufacturing complex back in 1917 and helped construct wartime engines, tanks and boats during World War I and II. The complex sits on 1,200 acres, which has included blast furnaces, steel mills, foundries, metal stamping facilities, an engine plant, a glass manufacturing plant, a tire plant, and even its own powerhouse. During that time, tons of waste was generated — mostly hundreds of millions of gallons of coal tar — and it has since leaked out or was disposed in a way that caused contamination of the site and certain lagoons.

Ford and the site’s current co-owner, Severstal Dearborn, LLC, have conditionally agreed to two settlements with the government. The settlements now head over to the Department of Justice for final approval. For a deeper dive into the matter, read on at The Detroit News.

Source: The Detroit News

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