Ford Mustang Faces Troubles With Flat Rock Assembly Plant, V6 Supply

So far in 2011, the Chevrolet Camaro has been outselling Ford’s Mustang by nearly 9,000 units. This isn’t good news for The Blue Oval, as it spells trouble for the Mustang’s Flat Rock, MI assembly plant, which currently employs 1,700 people. Such problems, however, don’t have everything to do with the success of Chevy. 

Earlier in the month, Ford’s partner in the Flat Rock plant, Mazda, announced it will end the partnership due to poor sales of the Mazda 6 sedan, which is built alongside the Mustang. The plant has been operating below its 240,000 vehicle capacity, selling only 73,716 vehicles of those manufactured last year. With Mazda pulling out, the future of the Flat Rock plant is now uncertain

There’s also the supply issue of the Mustang’s V6 engine, as the top-selling F-150 pickup also uses the same V6 and has been flying off lots. Ford decided to have more of the V6 engines sent for F-150 assembly in order to help keep up with demand. That move has choked Mustang supply to a mere 30 days.

“We’re making sure that the truck has enough engines and obviously there is an impact to Mustang. The dealers feel we could sell more if Ford had more V-6 engines,” said Steve Line, marketing manager for the Mustang.

However, Ford isn’t going to be taken down without a fight, as the company is readying its new Mustang, due out in 2014. Ford hopes the new model will give the then-aging Camaro a better sales run for its money.

Source: Automotive News


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