What Products Does Ford Recommend To Care For Your Ford Or Lincoln?

It’s no secret that most automakers recommend specific products for the care and upkeep of the vehicles they manufacture, and Ford is no exception. Ford recommends Motorcraft products that were specifically engineered and custom designed to complement the style and appearance of the Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

According to a 2012 Ford Owner’s Guide, each product is made from high quality materials that meet or exceed rigid specifications. The recommended products in the guide include:

  • Motorcraft Bug and Tar Remover (ZC-42)
  • Motorcraft Custom Bright Metal Cleaner (ZC-15)
  • Motorcraft Detail Wash (ZC-3-A)
  • Motorcraft Dusting Cloth (ZC-24)
  • Motorcraft Engine Shampoo and Degreaser (U.S. only) (ZC-20)
  • Motorcraft Engine Shampoo (Canada only) (CXC-66-A)
  • Motorcraft Multi-Puprose Cleaner (Canada only) (CXC-101)
  • Motorcraft Premium Glass Cleaner (Canada only) (CXC-100)
  • Motorcraft Premium Quality Windshield Washer Fluid (Canada only) (CXC-37-(A, B, D or F)
  • Motorcraft Premium Windshield Washer Concentrate (U.S. only) (ZC-32-A)
  • Motorcraft Professional Strength Carpet & Upholstry Cleaner (ZC-54)
  • Motorcraft Spot and Stain Remover (U.S. only) (ZC-14)
  • Motorcraft Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner (ZC-23)
  • Motorcraft Vinyl Cleaner (Canada only) (CXC-93)
  • Motorcraft Wheel and Tire Cleaner (ZC-37-A)

By now, you must be wondering what in the heck is Motorcraft and how much they’re paying The Blue Oval to recommend their products in an owner’s manual. Well, Motorcraft is actually Ford’s auto parts brand. It originally launched in the 1950s and replaced Autolite as Ford’s official parts arm. In fact, Ford was forced to sell Autolite by the Federal Trade Commission as it was found that it had violated antitrust laws.

Today, Motorcraft products are sold through Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships as well as select auto parts stores but are not necessarily made by Ford. In some cases, the products are originally manufactured by a supplier that uses the Motorcraft logo on the package. Nevertheless, it’s true that Motorcraft products must meet quality standards set out by the Ford Motor Company to be considered for retail sale.

In case you’re wondering where you can score some Motorcraft goodness, we heard that Ford Parts has some right here.

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