Tuned Taurus SHO Runs 12-Second Quarter Mile (Video)

Tuning shop Livernois took a few 2010 Taurus SHOs and gave them a tune, exhaust, and a few other mods, turning the big all-wheel drive sedan into a vehicle that can stick it to many modern-day muscle cars. The result? Consistent quarter mile times in the mid to upper 12 second range, with a best quarter-mile run of 12.25 seconds at 111.96 miles per hour.

Livernois also tuned Ford’s Flex people mover. The huge (and very spacious) family hauler put down a consistent 13- and 14-second time in the quarter, with a best run of 13.37 at 102 miles per hour.

If we learned anything from this, it’s that Ford’s modern turbo-charged V6 powerplants are highly tunable with a few simple mods, giving these full-sized vehicles impressive times… not that they were slow (in stock form) to begin with.

Watch the Taurus and Flex run the quarter in the video below, and be sure to turn up your speakers (or headphones) to hear those wonderful exhaust notes.

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