Feature Spotlight: MyFord Touch Offers Better Passenger Control

Glitches and bugs notwithstanding, we’re all well aware of the wide array of benefits MyFord Touch (MFT) brings to the driver: unprecedented control and simplicity of in-vehicle infotainment functions with the much-needed decluttering of the center stack. However, MFT also brings another, often-overlooked benefit to the vehicle’s front-seat passenger.

On a recent trip across the beautiful (and very windy) state of Colorado in a 2012 Edge, my co-pilot and I switched driving duties every couple of hours. And when it came time for me to occupy the passenger’s chair, I realized that MFT was very useful in controlling the audio — from the passenger’s seat.

You see, lesser vehicles (without MyFord Touch) have most of their controls oriented for the driver — as they should be. So when the passenger tries to fiddle with some kind of controls — be it changing music or climate, for instance — he somehow feels (and gets) in the way of the driver. That’s not the case with MFT — as the touchscreen interface makes it easy to change the functions offered by the system. So during my trip, when I was in the passenger seat, I didn’t feel like I was getting in the way of the driver — which is more than I can say for other vehicles without MFT. And with the update to the infotainment system on its way, the MyFord Touch experience will only get better.

What has your experience been like with MyFord or MyLincoln Touch? The comments are here for your input!

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