Last Ford Ranger Set To Roll Off Assembly Line

The Ford Ranger has been an integral part of the American workforce for quite sometime. That’s why we’re sad to report that Ford expects the last Ranger to roll off the production line in St. Paul, Minnesota between Dec. 16th and 19th.

This final testament to a by gone era of small truck popularity has already been spoken for though. The final buyer will be the pest control company Orkin, which has been a long time buyer of these small trucks and will most likely keep them running for quite some time.

The Motrolix Take

With increasing fuel costs and the ever-present demand for light duty trucks, is the small truck market truly dead? Ford seems to want to change how it does business in the commercial sector, for the better or worse. Hopefully, The Blue Oval announces some sort of replacement for the American market in the future. Let us know in the comments below if you think Ford is headed in the wrong direction by not offering the new Ranger in North America.

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