Ford Announces Bonuses And Merit-Based Raises For Employees

Ford announced plans to award bonuses as well as merit-based raises to its salaried workers in the United States and Canada in 2012, marking the first time the automaker has done so since 2008. On average, The Blue Oval will offer a 2.7 percent salary increase based on individual employee performance.

The announcement carries a level of significance, since Ford stopped paying bonuses and merit-based raises during the carpocalypse year of 2009, offering only merit-based raises in 2010. In 2011, the company’s employees received bonuses, but no merit raises.

The Motrolix Take

This is one of those “small but mighty” things that Ford has going for it. Not only is it increasing sales and introducing class-leading products left and right, but it’s also making sure that its employees are adequately rewarded for their efforts. Because let’s face it — keeping top-notch researchers, developers, designers, engineers, and marketers, among employees of other functions, has to be a top priority for a company that has turned itself around by innovating faster than the industry. Let’s hope a stock dividend is not in the cards.

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