Ford Falcon Will Remain In Australian Market Until At Least 2016

A rear-wheel-drive, V8-powered Ford sounds like the description of something all American, but it isn’t. The Ford Falcon is a popular and celebrated sedan (and 2-door utility truck) exclusive to the Australia/Oceania market, and is something Aussies treasure, much like Americans treasure the beloved Mustang. However, the future of the Falcon has been put under review, and many fear that it won’t see another generation, paving the way for the more efficient, front-wheel-drive-based Mondeo/Fusion. This would effectively end an era of Australian muscle. Though there is some silver lining…

Aussies worried about the future of V8-powered sedans can relax until the 2016 model year. That’s the good news from Ford Australia’s CEO Bo Graziano and Ford Asia Pacific’s Joe Hinrichs by way of our friends at Autoblog. As such, Ford will invest around $103 million to refresh the Falcon for 2014. That money will also go towards the creation of 300 jobs within Ford.

With new emission standards just around the corner in many nations around the world, fuel economy and CO2 emissions will probably be the focus of the 2014 update. We also know that Ford is working on a new 6-speed automatic transmission to debut with the freshened model.

There is no word on the future of the Falcon past the 2016 model year, as The Blue Oval brings all of its product planning into a global focus. At the same time, GM’s Holden division has brought the future of the Commodore — the Falcon’s all-time nemesis — into question, and has been reluctant to say that the RWD vehicle will see past 2014.

As Motrolix founder Alex Luft likes to say, “Time will tell.”


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