Ford Expects Demand For Focus Equipped With Manual Transmission To Climb 10 Percent

As Ford offers the five-speed manual transmission on its top-of-the-line Focus Titanium trim level, demand for the stick-shift is surprisingly running higher than usual. So far in 2012, 6.7 percent of Focus buyers have opten for the row-it-yourself option compared to the Ford-estimated 4.5 percent. What’s more, as the stick becomes available on the Titanium trim, which should occur somewhere in the next two months, Ford expects demand for manuals to increase to almost 10 percent of total Focus sales.

Even then, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this number rise even higher when the high-performance Focus ST makes its debut in the States this year. So here’s our question for you — would you pick the five-speed stick or the six-speed automatic if you were in the market for a Focus? Have a vote in the poll below.

The Motrolix Take

It’s a known and agreed-upon fact among the Motrolix crew that any car is more fun with a stick, especially the sharp and fun-driving new Focus. Not to be party-poopers, though, but why not offer a six-speed manual? Five speeds are so 1999, especially when the competition (across the board) is giving away six-speeds.

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