Ford Makes SYNC Standard For 2013 Fusion, Flex

Here’s an obvious, yet significant fact: people all over the world are becoming more connected than ever before. Fortunately, Ford is enabling drivers of its vehicles to safely use this increased connectivity from behind the wheel by making its SYNC infotainment system standard across all trim levels of the the 2013 Fusion and Flex; MyFord Touch with SYNC will continue to be an option.

SYNC, which offers hands-free, voice-activated control of music playback, phone calls, and access to cloud-based network of information via SYNC Services, is already available as either optional or standard equipment across all Ford vehicles today; it’s also already present in 4 million Ford vehicles on the roads. Ford estimates that including SYNC as standard equipment in the all-new Fusion and updated Flex will add 9 million vehicles to that list over the next three years.

The Motrolix Take

With some statistics estimating more than 300 million cell phones in use in the United States by mid-2011 and as drivers spend more time on the road than ever before, the need for a safe way to stay connected from behind the wheel has taken increased importance. What’s more, as of this writing, nine states have banned the use of hand-held phones by drivers and at least 35 prohibit texting from behind the wheel. Given these developments, the value-add of a system like SYNC becomes self-evident. It’s a good thing, then, that Ford has been honing and refining SYNC since 2007.

Since that time, the system has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry — and the standard by which all other in-car infotainment systems are measured. And the fact that such a great system is standard in class-leading vehicles such as the new Fusion and Flex makes the deal even sweeter. Honda, Toyota, Nissan… good luck.

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