Former Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Named To Ford Board

If running for President doesn’t work out, where do you go next? Joining the Board of Directors at Ford isn’t a bad place to start. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. — the former Republican Candidate for the presidential nomination — was chosen to join the Board of Directors of Ford Motor Company on February 9.

The Motrolix Take

It seems that Ford is interested in Huntsman for his extensive experience in Asia. “Jon brings to Ford’s board of directors extensive global knowledge and experience – particularly in Asia with trade issues,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. Before running for President (he dropped out on January 16, 2012 and endorsed Mitt Romney), Huntsman was the Ambassador to China, and is known to be proficient in Mandarin, ride motorcross, and have a passion for the progressive rock genre.

All in all, FoMoCo may need some help in China — the world’s biggest automotive market, as the Ford brand is doing well but Lincoln is non-existent.

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