Here’s How Ford Optimized The Audio System In The New Escape (With Playlist)

As cars become extensions of our daily tech-laden lives, the audio system of a vehicle becomes increasingly important — especially as our collective music collections grow in size. That’s one of the reasons why the new Ford Escape will offer three audio systems upon launch this spring, including a standard six-speaker setup as well as optional nine-speaker and Sony-branded 10-speaker system.

But the Escape’s audio story doesn’t end there, since The Blue Oval has put in a considerable amount of work to tune the new compact crossover’s audio abilities and bring concert-like sound to the Escape by testing and fine-tuning such qualities as tonal balance, quality bass, and center staging, among others. The audio engineers analyzed and tuned the systems in two ways: the objective method involves monitoring sound wave files on laptops connected to speakers in the vehicle, while the subjective aspect is all about using human ears to optimize the quality of the system. In that regard, Ford has put together a “best of Escape” playlist of ten songs that showcase the Escape’s audio prowess:

  1. ZZ Top “La Grange” – Listen for the clean snare drum clicks, left and right rhythm guitars and strong bass guitar
  2. Yello “The Race–Listen for a sensation of the car racing from right to left, and left to right. “It should sound spacious with transients of doors slamming,” Templin says”
  3. Lou Reed “Walk on the Wild Side” – Listen for backup singers to move from far to near, testing image depth. Check for tonal balance and loud dynamics
  4. Kenny Chesney “Summertime” – Listen for clean vocals, instruments should be clearly defined
  5. Eminem “Remember Me” – Listen for loud dynamics, bass extension
  6. Rihanna “S.O.S.” – Listen for tonal balance, clean bass, nothing shrill in the tweeters
  7. Beyonce featuring Jay Z “Déjà Vu” – Listen for bass to be clean and even. Vocals should not break up or sound overly bright
  8. Peter, Paul and Mary “I Have a Song to Sing O” – This is an old recording with vocals panned left-center-right in order to test staging and imaging. Voices should retain a natural timbre
  9. Johnny Cash “Bird on a Wire” – This intimate recording (as if Cash were in his living room) tests tonal balance and spatial qualities. Vocals show a close-mike effect
  10. Bruno Giuranna Mozart Piano Quartets 1 & 2,“Allegretto– Listen for a natural piano tone. Strings should be forward”

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