By 2015, Ford Expects To Have Over 7 Million Cars On The Road With SYNC AppLink, 14 Million With SYNC

Whether or not they admit it publicly, most automakers and automotive enthusiasts know that Ford has been the undisputed leader in in-car connectivity since debuting its SYNC infotainment system in 2007. With SYNC, The Blue Oval was the first automaker to introduce a connectivity system, and with SYNC AppLink, it was also the first carmaker to launch an application programing interface (API) that allowed software developers to directly interface with a vehicle and create apps to enhance the driving experience.

The AppLink apps, which function as a nearly invisible in-between connectivity layer between SYNC in the vehicle and a user’s smartphone, allow drivers to perform functions on their smartphones using voice commands and in-vehicle controls — all while keeping their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.

The Blue Oval reached a milestone in 2011 by producing its 3-millionth vehicle equipped with SYNC. And by 2015, the automaker estimates that it will have over 14 million vehicles worldwide on the road with SYNC, 7 million of which will be equipped with SYNC AppLink.

The Motrolix Take

The projections of 14 million vehicles with SYNC and 7 million with SYNC AppLink by 2015 are nothing short of impressive, and — to our knowledge — are higher than any other automaker in the world.

Coincidentally, we imagine that the steady, if not accelerating, growth of advanced in-vehicle connectivity is behind Ford’s recent acquisition of software development firm Livio, which the automaker purchased to advance its development of in-car connectivity as well as to build an industry-wide in-car connectivity standard.

In any event, here’s to continuous and relentless innovation in all areas of technology at Ford, including advanced and safe in-car connectivity.

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