Extremely Rare Lincoln Indianapolis Concept Set For Auction

We already know that Lincoln isn’t particularly known for making sporty cars: the last car that could be considered “sporty”, if only remotely, is the Lincoln LS, but its sporting legitimacy is suspect. And given that most sporty cars today have no more than two doors, it’s worth mentioning that Lincoln hasn’t offered a coupe since the Mark VIII — which itself was nowhere close to sporty. But that doesn’t mean that the brand hasn’t entertained the idea.

Back in 1955, Ford sent a Lincoln chassis, a 200 horsepower V8 engine, and a four speed automatic transmission to Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Boano, which branched off from Ghia the year prior. The fruit of the Italian firm’s efforts to build a concept coupe for Lincoln is what you see here. Built in concept form and named after Indianapolis, the unique bright orange two-door was unveiled at the 1955 Turin Motor Show. And although it has some peculiar, if not alienating, styling details about it, the car’s general shape is pretty interesting — if not alluring — being a great example of creative design.

Fast forward to today: the original concept car has been restored and has visited several concours. The car has been consigned to RM Auctions for the upcoming Art of the Automobile event held in conjunction with Sotheby’s on November 21 in Manhattan, where it will be auction to the highest bidder. Anyone want to go halfsies?

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