Ford Announces Bacon Graphics, Bacon Wrap For Fiesta

For some reason unbeknownst to us, August 31st is International Bacon Day. And while that fine day in history has already passed for 2013, Ford didn’t miss a beat in celebrating the observance by releasing a bacon-wrapped 2014 Fiesta.

Now before you begin to dream about having a fiesta with an edible Fiesta, you should know that the car isn’t wrapped with actual bacon. Instead, what Ford really announced is the availability of custom bacon graphics — believed to be the first of their kind.

The pièce de résistance is the full “Bacon Wrap” — 10 giant strips of bacon rolled around the entire Fiesta. Other options from the bacon-wrap Fiesta menu include:

  • Bacon Racing Strips – two pieces of bacon that go on the car’s hood and resemble classic dual racing stripes
  • Side of Bacon – two individual strips of bacon that wrap over rear wheel – popular among those on a diet

The bacon graphics are just a few of the custom exterior vinyl graphics Fiesta buyers can order to install on their subcompact sedan or hatchback. Why? Because in self-expression, that’s why.

The wraps are produced by Ford Custom Graphics, along with 3M Original Wraps, and are available at

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