Ford To Bring Mondeo Hybrid, C-Max Energi To Europe

Whether it’s pure electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in EVs with extended-range engine-generators, or traditional gas-electric hybrids, the future of automotive transportation. Barring a monumental breakthrough in a different kind of alternative propulsion technology , we’ll keep heading on the path towards electrifying automobiles.

And very appropriately, Ford has announced plans to offer a choice of three distinct types of electrified vehicles in Europe next year. In 2014, the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid and the Mondeo (Fusion) Hybrid will join the Focus Electric — a zero emissions battery electric vehicle built in Saarlouis, Germany that’s now on sale in Europe.

The hybrid and Energi plug-in hybrid electrified vehicles, which are already available in North American and other global markets, will complement Ford’s line-up of fuel efficient gasoline (petrol) and diesel powered vehicles in Europe — giving customers the power to choose their method of alternative propulsion.

The Motrolix Take

Very few things in life are more powerful than the ability to choose among a wide array of products and solutions. And when it comes to Ford, the automaker has gasoline, diesel, (traditional) hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and pure electric vehicles at its disposal. And they wonder why Ford is on a roll globally.

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