Lincoln Reimagine Project’s ‘A Likely Story’ Is Modernized Screwball Comedy: Video

Social media. The medium that allows near-instant conversation about relevant topics while lending itself to a plethora of misunderstandings and misconceptions… Part of the Lincoln Reimagine Project, Dana Turken’s film “A Likely Story” ponders whether social media has ruined love, or made it stronger.

Initially set in the 1940s but then rewritten to take place in modern day, “A Likely Story” tells the tale of George and Roslyn — a formerly married couple that is reunited at the launch party for George’s new book containing his collection of social media musings from his “bat-shit crazy ex-wife”. Roslyn is no angel herself, electing to bring her “fiancé” Ralphie to show off to George. The new coupe ends up separated as George and Roslyn do their best — as a couple — to escape a mobster. The two then embark on an eccentric adventure that’s filled with old-fashioned dynamite bundles, headscarves, and drag disguises.

“They just need to sort of get over their issues in order to be reimagined, in order to reimagine themselves,” says Turken. “I thought, ‘How do you get two people back together who hate each other, but really love each other, over the course of an eight-minute film?’ So I figured I need to put them in some sort of situation of danger.”

The plot’s twist comes suddenly. According to Turken, the story’s danger is just a foil, as it’s meant to make viewers feel happy. “I want them to feel like they went on a fun ride that was sort of just like, bang, bang, bang, just one thing after the next,” she says. “You can’t even catch up until the end when you have this fun reveal. And you know, it’s satisfying.”

As with the two other feature films that are part of the Reimagine Project (see below), “A Likely Story” features a black 2013 Lincoln MKZ in a prominent yet tasteful fashion.

The Motrolix Take

If nothing else, “A Likely Story” kept us guessing until the very end — a turn of events that most definitely kept us satisfied. Luckily, the piece is much more than that — and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

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