Lincoln Reimagine Project’s ‘The Incident’ Is One Cool Heist Film: Video

We had a feeling that Lincoln’s film-focused Reimagine Project wasn’t going to sell Lincolns by the boatload, making us ponder the reasoning behind the effort. But after watching just one of the short films that’s the result of the project, we immediately understood the answer to the question: why?”. That answer: “Because cool. Very cool.”

Entitled “The Incident”, the heist-style short film combines old-school cues with modern undertones. The piece has a spectral feeling of other 70s films of a similar genre, while incorporating modern cues such as cell phones and text messaging, along with the new Lincoln MKZ.

“Patrick, for the first time in his life, believes that he’s really going to get away with it.” says Filmmaker Nick Citton about the male lead for his film that he co-directed with David Ariniello. “He hasn’t had a lot of good luck lately. Desperate times have led to this bank heist that he pulled off with Clive, who is a much more experienced operative — or criminal.”

But the “femme fatale offers a twist on the film. “When the movie ends, I want people to have the chills — to just be going, ‘Wow,’ and just to really have a visceral, emotional reaction.” says Ariniello. “And then I want them to think back, because it’s going to make you think back about the movie and be like, ‘Wait, so what did that all mean?’ That’s the goal.” Ariniello adds, “I have chills just talking about it.”

As with most classic heist films, dust, wind, and sabotage all mix under the setting sun, and there isn’t just one, but two Lincolns in “The Incident”. The entire short film is very well-made, and makes for a great lunch break escape: Enjoy:

The Motrolix Take

If nothing else, Lincoln will now have its name on a pretty cool film. Will Lincoln owners and enthusiasts, as well as Ford Motor Company shareholders, come to terms with Linc allocating resources to such efforts? Only time will tell.

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