Ford Focus Is The Best-Selling Vehicle Nameplate Globally Through First Half Of 2013

Ford Focus was already the best-selling vehicle nameplate in the world in 2012, and The Blue Oval’s compact has retained the title for the first half of 2013.

Compared to the same time period a year ago, Focus sales grew 20% in the first half of 2013 to 589,709 registrations. Not surprisingly, most of the growth came from China and other Asian countries, with China alone being responsible for 202,380 Focus models sold — making the country the single biggest global market for the vehicle with one-third of total Focus sales.

Ford highlighted Xiao Bing as a new Focus owner in China. The 31-year-old sales manager for an IT company in Beijing explains why he chose the Focus:

“The new Focus looks high-tech and meets my aesthetic expectations,” Bing says. “It has significantly changed from the previous model. The car’s handling is great. When I test-drove it, the new Focus cornered smoothly. Overall, it’s the best combination of looks, performance, value and fuel economy.”

Other Asian markets outside of China are also enthusiastic about the Focus. Through September, Focus sales are up 193% in Indonesia, 72% in both the Philippines and Vietnam, and 42% in Thailand, according to Ford.

The Motrolix Take

We’re still waiting for Toyota to release its figures, but we’re certain that the Japanese automaker’s Corolla was a close second to the Focus when it comes to overall sales results. And to ensure that the Focus continues to be the best-selling vehicle nameplate globally, Ford should consider launching two-door coupe and maybe even a three-door hatchback variant of the compact range.

Nevertheless, the Focus’ stellar performance is the result of best-in-class vehicle sold on a global level. In other words, the One Ford strategy at its finest. Here’s to an even more successful Q3 and Q4 for Ford and the Focus around the world.

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