Feature Spotlight: Lincoln MKC Brings Always-On Built-In Connectivity

When Lincoln customers begin taking delivery of the 2015 MKC in the summer of 2014, they will be able to control their new compact crossover using a new smartphone app and perform functions such as starting, locking, unlocking and locating the vehicle, as well as scheduling a remote start for a set time. The app will also enable drivers to place a call for roadside assistance, monitor the vehicle’s fuel level, as well as check tire pressure and battery status.

The new app’s functionality is made possible by the MKC’s built-in and always-on data connection, and the MKC is the first Lincoln to feature it.

The Motrolix Take

In effect, the functionality and accompanying app follow in the steps of GM-OnStar’s RemoteLink app, which is exactly what we here at Motrolix asked Ford to deliver roughly two years ago. The introduction of the app makes the automaker that much more competitive with General Motors as well as with Hyundai, which has a similar system of its own called BlueLink.

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