Mailbag: Albert Says, “Please Bring Back The Focus Wagon”

This article is part of the Motrolix Mailbag series, where the Motrolix Crew features and replies to your questions, comments, and observations.

The following comes to us from Albert:

Please bring back the Focus Wagon. I have the 2006 ZXW and love it. I was in today to get a new battery (yes my battery lasted 7 years!), and looked at the new 2014 Focus and would have bought a new one if it came in the wagon!

While the enthusiast in us would love to see the Focus Wagon in North America, the businessman in us is more pragmatic. To note, only a single automaker currently offers a compact car in the wagon body style in the United States. That automaker is Volkswagen, and the model in question is the Jetta SportWagen, which sells roughly 2,000 units a month here — which is a very low number.

Given the low sales volume and the seemingly low demand for such a vehicle, we don’t see Ford offering the Focus wagon on this side of the Atlantic, which means it will likely remain an international affair. We don’t know the exact reason (yet have some informed theories), but most Americans just seem to have an aversion for wagons — which is rather unfortunate.

That said, we wonder if Albert has considered the Focus five-door hatchback, which offers similar cargo capacities as the wagon, and is available here.

And here’s a little-known fact: outside of the five-door hatchback Focus ST, Ford offers the Focus Wagon in the high-performance ST flavor in Europe, as well. What we would do to get our hands on one of those units swagger wagons…

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