The International Mustang Meet In Germany Is One Grand Assembly Of Mustang Fans: Video

Every year, European Mustang owners and enthusiasts (like this German Mustang fan) from all over the Old World gather for the International Mustang Meet. As you might expect, the gathering brings together those with a common passion: the Ford Mustang. This year, the meet took place in Sinsheim, Germany — as shown in the video below.

Here’s a video recap, complete with ponies new and old, of the 2013 International Mustang Meet. Here’s to hoping that more  Mustangs will roam the streets of Europe when the all-new and global 2015 Mustang launches next year.

We find the observations of one participant particularly appropriate: the ‘Stang is a car with image, with history, and one that’s still making history today. That’s most likely because, as another participant noticed, one turn of the key and one smile later, everything else seems to become history.

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