1915 Ford Model T Eligible For Ford’s Free Breakdown Assistance

Ardent Motrolix readers may already be familiar with Joaquim Costa and his illustrious collection of classic Ford vehicles, the oldest of which is a 1915 Ford Model T Speedster (pictured). And on top of having a coveted collection of Blue Oval vehicles, Mr. Costa can now drive assured that his Model T qualifies for Ford’s free breakdown recovery and repair.

The coverage is the result of Ford’s Service Activated Roadside Assistance (SARA) plan, which — as the name suggests — takes effect when the vehicle is serviced at a Ford dealership. The attractive free breakdown assistance coverage has resulted in Mr. Costa booking five more of his classic Fords for service at the Ford dealer, which would cause the free roadside assistance to go into effect on those vehicles.

To note, the free breakdown assistance is available for Ford vehicles of any age or mileage and is also offered through Ford BlueService — a new range of benefits offered free to customers that book a service. Countries where Ford BlueService is currently offered include the U.K., Spain and Ireland. The program offers the free eCheck safety inspection and report, a courtesy car, and the industry-first One-Call customer hotline, which offers a single point of contact for customers — whether they are looking for roadside assistance, accident management, brochures, dealer locations, service bookings, or vehicle repairs. BlueService will be rolled-out across all European markets during 2014.

“The Ford Model T might not have been the first car we had in mind when we launched Ford BlueService and SARA, but it certainly underlines that all our customers stand to benefit from this initiative – however old their car is,” said Bernhard Mattes, vice president, Ford Customer Service Division.

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