2015 Ford Mustang Interior Design Tour: Video

According to Chief Interior Designer Doyle Letson, Ford has “done a lot of Mustangs”, so when it came time to create the cabin of the all-new 2015 Mustang, the team knew what it was doing. Overall, there were four key elements that Ford definitely wanted to include in the interior of the sixth-gen pony, including:

  • Large, round gauges
  • Symmetrical instrument panel
  • Double-brow theme that’s on all Mustangs
  • Premium materials
2015 Ford Mustang - interior themes

The interior themes

In the design phase, Ford ended up with two themes: one was more revolutionary, while the other more evolutionary. The two themes ended up being blended together to create one really great theme that’s performance-focused, yet luxurious. The final theme we see in the production car includes symmetry in the instrument panel with two large gauges, toggle switches, and the ball shifter.

The symmetrical interior with the dual brow theme

The symmetrical interior with the dual brow theme

Letson makes it a point to note that the cabin for the 2015 Mustang is not styled, but rather designed, with everything having been thought out: the controls are straight-forward and the information readout is simple and easy to see, with the cabin being inspired by an airplane cockpit.

Inspired by airplane cockpits

Inspired by airplane cockpits

Meanwhile, premium materials, such as aluminum, leather, and vinyl are in full abundance. There’s also a hint of military-style badging, which — to us — looks (and sounds) great.

2015 Mustang - military style badging

Military style badging

In the video below, Doyle Letson, Chief Designer, Interior and William Mangan, Interior Design Manager provide a guided tour of the cabin:

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