Feature Spotlight: The 2015 Mustang Convertible Is Quieter And Faster To Drop

Given that both the coupe fastback and the convertible body styles of the 2015 Ford Mustang are clean-sheet designs of The Blue Oval’s perennial pony car, it would be well within reason to expect all-around improvements in essential areas for the vehicle line. Fortunately, the sixth-generation pony delivers notable advances when it comes to the exterior design, interior design and materials, suspension system, powertrain, convenience and technology, and — last but certainly not least — the soft top of the convertible model.

Specifically, the enhancements to the convertible furnished by the 2015 Stang are twofold:

  1. A quieter cabin: this is made possible thanks to the new standard multilayer insulated cloth top. The new cloth top carries with it an associated benefit of having “a more upscale appearance”, according to Ford.
  2. Faster to fold: the new top folds down twice as fast as the outgoing one, while sporting a sleeker profile when folded. Given that the fifth-gen Mustang Convertible could drop its top in roughly 15 seconds (13 seconds when the windows are already wound down), a converting time that’s “twice as fast” would mean that the 2015’s top needs about 7 seconds to drop. And we like anything that can drop that quickly.

Both improvements are highly welcome over the outgoing drop-top pony, but we have to wonder if there are more updates to the Mustang Convertible about which Ford simply hasn’t told us yet. For instance, can the new convertible operate when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of greater than 5 mph (the max speed at which the roof would drop on the last-gen Mustang Convertible), and can we expect the 2015 model to provide better air-leakage rates — a key measure of how well the convertible top seals the cabin — than those on the last Mustang? Looks like we’ll have to wait until January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit to find out for sure.

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