Is The Next-Generation F-150 Delayed Due To Aluminum Elasticity Issues?

Even though many, many people really like the current 12th-generation model, the next-generation F-150 is coming. Previewed by the Ford Atlas Concept (pictured), the (what’s expected to be) 2015 F-150 will be an all-new model that’s expected to make its world debut sometime in 2014 and launch during the same year. But the launch of the 13th-gen model could be delayed, according to a report from TTAC.

Although not officially confirmed by The Blue Oval, the 2015 F-150 is widely expected to use weight-saving aluminum in its body. That sounded great, until we read TTAC’s report stating that the aluminum alloy provided by suppliers hasn’t met Ford’s requirements in the earliest phase of pre-production.

Apparently, the issue is with the aluminum’s elastic modulus — the ability of an object or substance to be deformed elastically, or non-permanently, when force is applied to it. Supposedly, the aluminum provided to Ford is roughly a third of what is found in steel, therefore making it difficult to form.

As expected, a Ford spokesperson has already told several news outlets that the automaker doesn’t speculate on future products — so we won’t bother them by asking the same question to only get the same answer.

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