Audi’s allroad Shooting Brake Concept Brings Offroad Treatment To A Three-Door Compact : Detroit 2014

It’s a regular winter in California. You wake up one morning and realize that you want to get some snowboarding and kite surfing in on the same day. So, what car is best-suited to safely get you from Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Mountains for snowboarding in the morning, and then bring you to Venice Beach in style for some kite surfing in the afternoon? Why, the Audi allroad Shooting Brake, of course!

Unveiled at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the allroad Shooting Brake “show car” is a concept that’s described by the Four Rings as “sporty, compact and versatile.” And since it’s an allroad, it’s also somewhat of a crossover, and thus isn’t limited to paved roads.

Standing at 1.41 (4.63 ft) tall, 4.20 meters (13.78 ft) long, and 1.85 meters (6.07 ft) wide, the concept features a wheelbase of 2.51 meters (8.23 ft). It’s powered by what essentially is an e-tron quattro setup: a 2.0-liter TFSI engine that’s good for 215 kW (292 hp) of power and 380 Nm (280.27 lb.-ft.) of torque operates in conjunction with a disc-shaped electric motor via a decoupling clutch; that electric motor outputs 40 kW of power and 270 Nm (199.14 lb-ft) of torque, with a six-speed e-S tronic dual clutch gearbox doing shifting duty, and sending torque to the front wheels. All in all, the plug-in hybrid drive delivers 300 kW (408 hp) of system power and a system torque of 650 Nm (479.42 lb.-ft.). Meanwhile, a second electric motor that’s separate from the drive unit at the front axle, is mounted to the rear axle, supplying power at low and moderate vehicle speeds, with maximum power of 85 kW and 270 Nm (199.14 lb.-ft.) of torque. It’s also capable of working in conjunction with the motor and engine at the front axle if the hybrid management system decides that all-wheel drive is necessary, such as in slippery or light off-road conditions.

The powertrain boasts a low fuel consumption figure of 1.9 liters of fuel per 100 km (123.80 mpg) (45g CO2 per km, or 72.42 g/mile) and a rather impressive total driving range of up to 820 km (509.52 miles). The show car weighs in at roughly 1,600 kg (3527.40 lbs.) without the driver, and can reach 62.14 mph in 4.6 seconds, with top speed being limited to 250 km/h (155.34 mph).

Still with us? Good. Because the specs and technical elements aren’t anywhere as important as what the allroad Shooting Brake Concept means for Audi. According to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Audi AG, Technical Development, the show car offers “a concrete look into the near future”. “We are offering very concrete glimpses of the near future in this show car”, he added in a news release.

So even though you can’t buy it right now, you can rest assured knowing that Audi has something up its sleeve for those who want to do summer and winter sports on the same day, and arrive to both locations in style.

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