Enterprise Bills Woman $47K For Stolen Mustang GT Convertible In Nova Scotia

So, get this:

  1. Woman goes to rent Ford Mustang on Saturday from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Nova Scotia.
  2. Woman returns Mustang next day, Sunday, as per rental agreement.
  3. Enterprise Office is closed.
  4. Mustang is stolen.
  5. Enterprise bills woman for $47,271.

That was the series of events that led Kristen Cockerill to receive the bill from the rental company two months after renting the pony car in October 2013. To note, a base 2014 Mustang GT Convertible retails for $40,349 in Canada, and adding the automatic transmission that most rental cars have brings that up to $41,749.

Working against Cockerill is the fine print in Enterprise’s contract, which stipulates that the renter is responsible for any rented vehicle dropped off after hours until it is investigated the next business day.┬áIt also states on the key drop featured in the news report that vehicles returned after hours are the responsibility of the renter.

Time will tell whether Cockerill has to pay the full amount, or if whether her insurance company will be able to help out. If it doesn’t, Enterprise will bill the amount to the credit card she provided during her rental. And while some will say that it’s important to read the fine print, we wonder if the very public nature of this situation will make Enterprise re-evaluate its policies regarding cars that get dropped off after the office closes its doors. Truth be told, they don’t seem very customer-friendly to us.

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