Ford Announces SYNC AppLink Developer Conference

Ford Motor Company has a developer conference for its SYNC AppLink platform, which allows drivers to access smartphone apps in the vehicle while keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The industry-first conference will focus on bringing new mobile apps into the car via AppLink and will be held in conjunction with the annual Further with Ford trend conference that takes place this June in Dearborn, Michigan.

During the conference, app developers will be able to attend sessions led by Ford Developer Program leaders, current AppLink partners, as well as guest speakers to gain insight into such topics as:

  • Development and validation of AppLink apps
  • Best uses for AppLink application programming interfaces
  • Accessing vehicle data to create compelling new app features
  • Global AppLink opportunities
  • Contests and hacking challenges

Ford AppLink engineers and business development staff will be on hand throughout the conference collecting feedback on the system, as well as considering potential avenues for development of the platform going forward.

Prior to the conference, “Ford is encouraging the developer community to further innovate through a Developer Tools Giveaway”, and will award SYNC Technology Development Kits for those app ideas “that best exhibit use of the enhanced AppLink functionality and new APIs that were recently released to developers.”

Ford will post dates and agendas for its Developer Conference webpage. Interested developers will be able to receive early notification about conference information on that page, and by submitting their contact information.

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