Ford Brings 75,000-Pound Display To Showcase 2015 F-150 Assembly: Detroit 2014

Having unveiled the all-new 2015 F-150 at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ford Motor Company is showcasing the birth of the new truck to attendees using a display that simulates a moving assembly line.

Called The Future of Tough, the 37.5-ton (75,000-pound) and 22-foot-high exhibit marks the first time Ford shares the origins of the new F-150 with the public by simulating the F-150 assembly line, which dramatizes the creation of the truck, with the construction following the themes of durability, capability, efficiency and technology, according to Ford.

The display contains four F-150s, each in various stages of build, with the steel frame serving as the beginning. The exposition then moves the trucks from left to right, lowering and raising each truck via central elevators, to show consumers a different stage of the F-150’s construction process. As a stage of the truck’s assembly is explained, the vehicle is raised back into the air.

In the images below, the F-150 exhibit in question is located in the very back of each picture, right behind the area labelled Future of Tough.

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