Hyundai Reportedly Considering Mating V8 And AWD For 2015 Genesis

Not too long ago, buying a Hyundai meant that performance was the least of your priorities. But the South Korean automaker is set out to change how we view the Hyundai badge forever.

The newfound availability of the HTRAC all-wheel drive system in the 3.6L V6 2015 Genesis model has the market buzzing. Yet, Hyundai owners also have the option of a brawny 5.0L V8, which produces a respectable 429 horsepower; but opting for the V8 option means no all-wheel-drive… at least right now.

Good news, traction-lovers: Hyundai engineers are seriously considering mating the robust V8 Tau engine with the HTRAC AWD system, thereby creating a Genesis worthy of the R-Spec mantle. At least, that’s according to a report from AutoGuide.

Perhaps the bigger picture here involves the rapidly-changing conditions of the auto market, where a raw-rear wheel-drive Genesis V8 simply doesn’t fit the bill. Is it possible that, by mating the HTRAC system to the V8 in the Genesis, Hyundai may have found the key to unlocking the vehicle’s mass-market success? Only time will tell.

Keep in touch as we hear more about an AWD system for the Hyundai Genesis.

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