My Energi Lifestyle 2.0 Showcases How To Store Energy, Increase Savings

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Ford’s collaboration with My Energi, the company announced plans to introduce a home battery storage unit that allows home owners to store energy and and keep money in their pockets. The battery storage unit allows the homeowner to decide when they want to use the energy. It also acts as a generator during power outages.

At the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford demonstrated how the My Energi Lifestyle 2.0 is able to store energy that’s absorbed through solar panels. To do so, Ford used an energy system from Sharp as an example of what consumers can use at the CES.

In 2013, the collaborating teams sponsored a My Energy Lifestyle contest in which the winners were given a Ford C-Max Energi and a home retrofit equipped with energy efficient appliances and/or solar panels.  Ford touts that families have saved $1,200 on annual fuel cost with their Ford C-Max Energi and another $95 per year with a new Whirlpool freezer. The families anticipate saving even more money once the solar panels are added to their home.

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