Radical RXC Approved, Priced For American Market

Radical has been making some seriously awesome road-going racers since they first launched the SR3 in 2002. Unfortunately for us on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Radicals were only road legal in certain European countries like the UK and the Czech Republic, until now.

Radical has announced their first fully enclosed car, the RXC, has passed the required tests to make it road legal in California. Radical customer Jeffrey Cheng apparently took on the approval process himself in order to get his very own tangerine orange RXC on the road. This has allowed Radical to begin taking orders for the RXC in the US. According to Autoblog, Radical is inspecting the first registrations on a case-by-case basis, but is working on getting type-approval across the US.

The RXC will carry a base price of $171,280 by the time it reaches US shores. If you opt for the RXC turbo, which utilizes a 454 horsepower Eco Boost twin-turbo V6, the price will jump by $17,085. If you’re feeling a little crazy and decide that isn’t enough, Radical will give you a 500 horsepower V8 in the lightweight racer, setting you back an additional $28,960. An array of options are also available including air conditioning, a carbon fiber kit, an air jack and a telemetry system.

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