Tesla European Supercharger Network Expands To Connect Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Tesla Motors is continuing its quest for a cleaner and cheaper commute by expanding their Supercharger network throughout Europe’s DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Region and the Netherlands. With the installation of new locations, Model S owners will now be able to travel between Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands 100% electrically via the Autobahn.

Just recently, Tesla has announced the completion of the first phase of its Supercharger network in the United States, allowing Model S drivers to go from New York to Los Angeles.

Not long ago, it seemed a stretch to think electric-powered cars could be anything more than a fad. Yet as we move though 2014, 81 Tesla supercharger locations exist worldwide and statistics reveal over 1.13 millions liters of gasoline have been saved, with over 11 million kilometers driven by electricity. It all began in 2012, when Tesla debuted 6 of their Superchargers in California, and two years later, it appears triple-figures are only a stones-throw away.

Do not take our word – take Tesla’s. According to the California-based company, half of the German population will be within range of a Supercharger (320 kilometers or 199 miles) by March this year. Seem bold? How does Tesla projecting, by 2014’s end, the entire German population will be covered by its Supercharger technology? Bolder, yet plausible given the strides taken over the past two years.

What makes the Tesla Supercharger technology so efficient and user-friendly is the diminutive charge-time. In fact, Model S owners, can receive half a charge in only 20 minutes, thanks to the 120 kilowatts of direct current provided by the Supercharger. Accompany the Supercharger’s efficiency with Tesla’s strategic charger locations and commutes are made swift. In the time it takes to get at least half a charge for your Model S, drivers can rest their eyes, grab a bite to eat, and freshen up before the next leg of their trip.

Note: Tesla’s future predictions, while plausible, are subject to change. Dates and Locations have yet to be set in stone for the rest of 2014.

As future implementations are confirmed, Motrolix will be the first to let you know.



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