Tesla Model S Makes First Trip Across United States Using Supercharger Network

John Glenney made the car journey from New York to Los Angeles – 16 states, 28 stops, 3,400 miles. What makes this particular journey special is the total accumulative fuel costs – $0.

Glenney, a 62-year-old retired Professor of Biochemistry, and his 26-year-old daughter, Jill, made the first-ever journey across the country for the Tesla Model S, using the patented Supercharger technology 28 times along the way.

For those skeptical of the electric-car fad, the fad is no longer; rather, a full-blown reality. Through adverse weather, icy road conditions, and chargers more than 200miles apart, the Model S made it to Los Angeles in what Glenney described as “better than any other touring car I’ve ever had,” according to sources.

Understandably, an incredible individual mantle for Glenney; however, he recognizes the magnitude of his accomplishment on a larger scale. As the Model S tamed freezing temperatures and a few road-bumps in-between (for example, a flat tire), Glenney was documenting his journey in real time. Tesla fans around the country began to keep tabs on Glenney, his daughter, and the wonders of electronically-charged vehicles.

No longer can people dismiss the Supercharger technology. According to reports, Glenney said the new Supercharger locations (now making 71 in total across the United States) gives Tesla drivers a new sense of freedom and forever rids the notion people who drive electric-vehicles are confined in their travels. Having conquered the distance and the adverse conditions, whilst maintaining zero fuel costs, what is left for the Model S to prove?

Glenney, in recognition of his feat, drove to the Freemont factory for an arranged brief tour of the building. Unawares of the festivities to come, Glenney was surprised with a three-hour tour accompanied by the Model S manufacturing executives. Sources claim Glenney described the event as if it was like a special birthday party. He may not have been far off.

It was a birthday of sorts. A day Model S owners, and doubters of electric-technology will never forget. A day where the electric Model S shed its confinement and showed the population of the United States the potential of Supercharged motor vehicles, reborn in the minds of consumers around the country. Glenney has now purchased 4 Model S vehicles, three of which reside with his family, and the other with his sister in Houston.

Also of note, Tesla Motors recently completed a Supercharger network in Europe.

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