Tesla Takes On Record Books With LA To NYC Cross-Country Rally

The Tesla Model S recently completed its maiden drive across the United States, and will now face the scrutiny of the Guinness World Record Books.

Two Tesla Model S electric vehicles left the Los Angeles studio last night, planning to make it to New York City using only the 70+ Supercharger locations spread throughout the United States, hoping to achieve a gas-free, cross-country driving experience. An experience that will also cost them nothing to charge. The actual record-breaking attempt by Tesla is “lowest charge time for an electric vehicle traveling across the United States,” according to the electric automaker.

If you are interested in following the drive, look out for the #drivefree hashtag making its way across Twitter. Having already surpassed Arizona, the journey is well on its way.

Stay tuned to see if Tesla are able to stamp their name in the record books.


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