Volkswagen To Introduce Reef Blue Metallic Color On Passat Range

Although Volkswagen hasn’t confirmed it yet, the highly fuel-efficient Passat BlueMotion Concept introduced last week at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit seems like a shoe-in for production to us. Not only does the model concept feature high fuel efficiency and style, it also wears a beautiful neutral blue metallic hue called Reef Blue Metallic. Luckily, VW has officially confirmed that it plans on making the color available across the (North American) Passat range. Unfortunately, it didn’t provide a timeframe for the new color’s availability.

To note, the North American-market Passat currently offers a single blue color called Night Blue Metallic. It’s not clear whether Reef Blue will replace Night Blue or not, but we’ll be the first to let you know here at Motrolix as soon as we find out for sure

And just in case we haven’t mentioned it yet, we really think it’s a good idea for VeeDub to take the “concept” out of the Passat BlueMotion, and bring it to production. It looks really ripe for the road.

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