Watch Ford Executives Introduce The 2015 F-150: Video

In developing the all-new 2015 F-150, Ford designers and engineers set out to create a new standard in full-size trucks. To redefine the segment, in other words.

“We wanted to do something so big with this truck that we said let‚ let’s break it down to its core elements. But probably the most exciting thing was we were opening the doors to materials”, says F-150 Chief Engineer Peter Reyes.

Those new materials are aluminum (in the cab, box, and front end) and boron and high-strength steel (in the frame). All that marks a noteworthy departure compared to days past, when the predominant material in trucks was steel, and more steel. The result: a 700-pound decrease in weight for the new F-150.

“And what we managed to do with that light weight is actually put it back into the capability of the vehicle”, says Phil Collareno, F-150 Vehicle Line Director.

The lighter weight, in other words, results in more capability, and makes for a better all-around truck, one that’s more athletic, more capable, more fuel efficient, more fun to drive, and more tough.

In the video below, Ford executives, including Peter Reyes, Truck Group Marketing Manager Doug Scott, and Execute VP and President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs, tell the story of the all-new 2015-F-150 and its various attributes. Watch:

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