Whispers of A New Ford Fiesta RS Are Emerging In Europe

Ford may have a secret it is not telling us. There are whispers from over in Europe that Americans are not privy to just yet. The noise is leading many to speculate about the emergence of a new Ford Fiesta RS. Going with Ford’s hierarchy, a Fiesta RS would slot above the Fiesta ST in terms of power and performance.

This comes on the heels of an extremely positive reception to the current Fiesta ST and the emanation of the Fiesta RS WRC rally car. Auto Express is reporting the new roadgoing Fiesta RS would likely be based on the ST version but it will have vital differences.

Its 1.6-liter turbo four would be increased from 180 horsepower to around 230 hp, and it would be joined by lightweight alloys within its blistered wheeled arches, a stripped-out interior and possible lightweight bodywork.

The vehicle’s endorsement would reportedly need a strong business case in Europe, not just in the UK where Ford’s hot hatches have normally been well-received, but for volume reasons, the numbers may not be high enough. Currently, it is unclear whether or not the Ford Fiesta would move over to America to plant down its roots, though we certainly hope so.

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