2015 Ferrari California T Debuts: Features 560 HP, Smoother Styling

The outgoing Ferrari California had a place in the world as being a flashy convertible first, and a cutting-edge supercar second. It could also be described as the “I just want a Ferrari,” Ferrari. It was what it was, and its appeal could be respected. But today, Ferrari pulled the sheet off the new California, one with more charismatic heart that could make just about any supercar envious. And it’s called the California T.

This is by way of a “virtually lag-free” twin-turbocharged 3.9L V8 engine rated at a very healthy 560 horsepower and 557 pound-feet of torque. That’s 70 more horsepower, and a very significant 49-percent increase in torque, which will translate to a 0-60 acceleration time of a brisk 3.6 seconds. All the while, fuel economy improves 15 percent, and emissions decrease 20 percent. Suspension-wise, the 2015 California T adopts the latest Magnaride dampers, which respond 50-percent faster than before. There’s also carbon ceramic brakes to help keep things under control.

Design-wise, a nip and tuck was all that was needed, paying homage to the classic Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender styling, while the rear benefits from meticulous aerodynamic research resulting in a new triple-fence diffuser. Gone are the stacked tail pipes. Meanwhile, the hardtop convertible retracts in just 14 seconds.

For those worried about a neutered exhaust note, Ferrari claims that the California T will produce “the most exhilarating soundtrack any turbo has ever yielded.” This is helped made possible by special examination, design and manufacturing of the California T’s flat-plant crankshaft and the three-piece cast exhaust manifold and turbo housing. Considering The Prancing Horse’s expertise in acoustics, we’ll believe them. It also helps that the engine revs to a lofty 7,500 rpm. Sing, baby, sing.

The 2015 Ferrari California T’s debut comes before the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March, where it will be displayed.


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