Aston Martin Reveals Special Edition V8 Vantage, DB9 Models Before Geneva

For you automotive enthusiasts of King and Country, Aston Martin is revealing two limited edition DB9 and Vantage variants this upcoming March at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, with intentions set on rekindling the flame of their aging lineup. The pair of grand tourers displayed here are the Vantage N430 and the DB9 White and Black Carbon Editions, sporting subtle mechanical upgrades (in the case of the N430) and other superficial improvements to the duo of British sweethearts.

Boasting slight technical advancements, the N430 attempts to display the sportier side of the standard Vantage coupe. Accomplishing this task was one of subtle re-calibrations, leading to a sharper and more dynamically-pleasing vehicle, while preserving the comfort of the original model.

The naturally-aspirated V8 in the smallest of Astons churns out an extra 10 hp and 14 lb-ft of torque over the standard Vantage, piped out the back through a revised sport-exhaust system; while a six-speed manual or seven-ratio automatic transmission directs power from the 4.7 liter V8 solely to the rear wheels. Most noticeably, the N430 displays its desire for track-time by means of a Nurburgring-tuned suspension (read: stiff) and increased steering feel through the hydraulically-assisted setup.

Aston Martin Vantage N430

Adding to the impressive package are minute exterior changes, which add a race-inspired feel to each of the special Vantage models. Among these being, the addition of contrasting paint around the grill, mirrors, and A-pillar, intended to evoke thoughts of certain liveries run by official Aston Martin GT racing teams. Finishing off the exterior enhancements are a blacked-out mesh grille, and shadowed tailight and headlight assemblies.

Lastly, as is the course of sportier trim packages; weight saving measures were taken to shave some 44 pounds from the total weight of the Vantage N430. Mainly contributing to these reductions are the beautifully-shaded, 10-spoke alloy wheels and carbon seat shells, (say that 10 times fast!) which shed cumbersome weight from the sprightliest of Vantage models.

The second special-edition English cruiser debuting in Switzerland next month is the DB9 Carbon Black and Carbon White. Instead of the greasy bits being improved in this grand tourer, the Black and White Carbon edition DB9s are simply appearance packages (albeit very beautiful ones indeed). The Carbon Black adopts a midnight black paint job with carbon fiber accents throughout making for one rather sinister Aston Martin; and as you may expect, the Carbon White is the direct anti-thesis of the Carbon Black with dazzling Stratus white paint and contrasting carbon trim pieces inside and out.

Unfortunately, American consumers will be left wanting for the duo of British bombshells, as these special edition models are not making the trek across the Atlantic, but rather will being staying as European and Asian exclusives. Pricing begins at around 89,900 British Pounds, (somewhere around the $150,000 mark) and the storied marque is hoping that, with these special edition models, they might be able to breathe some life into their masterful yet aging designs; until the next generation of iconic Aston models arrive sometime in the near future.



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