Bugatti “Lang Lang” Vitesse To Make First Auto Show Debut In Qatar

If ever you have found yourself waiting and wanting for a 1,183 hp French-made hypercar, built in honor of your favorite Chinese pianist, Bugatti is here to satisfy your once insatiable desire. Please, look no further than the Bugatti “Lang Lang” Vitesse, named after the renown piano musician of the same name.

Mechanically identical to a standard Vitesse Roadster, the Lang Lang is yet another limited edition trim package of a yet another limited edition model in a yet another limited production run to 450 units. So if you fret about looking “commonplace” in the hypercar realm, worry no longer.

The exterior of the Lang Lang Veyron proudly boasts polished carbon fiber body panels, to add visual effect when in contrast to the absolutely masterful “Blance Atalante” paint work. Finishing of the beautiful grand piano theme, are diamond-cut black polished wheels, highlighted by nothing less than 24k gold Bugatti emblem inlays.

Once placed inside the Vitesse, one notices the standard fair of a super-exclusive, French hypercar. Coddling leather thrones from the finest cattle in the world, polished carbon fiber trim, handcrafted well, everything, and yes, even more solid gold “EB emblems.”

Just to refresh your memory, this astounding supercar is powered by a simply phenomenal 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16, pumping out a scarcely believable 1,183 hp and an earth-shaking 1,106 lb ft. of torque. One rather ‘heavy-duty’ twin-clutch automatic gearbox is set with the task to turn that nuclear energy to the ground, and it routs the power to all four wheels, in an attempt to keep this rocketship planted firmly upon the planet earth.

Seeing as you have always desired said, ‘musically inspired’ hypercar, you may be wondering the price for such a highly-refined lightning bolt with wheels. Well, if you had to ask, pricing begins at a certifiably surreal, $2,934,000.

Expect more information to be released throughout the upcoming 2014 Qatar Auto Show February 21st-25th. Here’s to  hoping that this menacing and beautiful trim package will seduce enough multi-billionaires to sell out the remaining 40 Veyrons soon, in eager anticipation of the next Veyron successor, set to debut after the last of the Vitesse and Grand Sport Models run dry.




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