Ferrari Teases California Replacement

The Ferrari California is more or less the softest and least capable Ferrari of the bunch. More for boulevard cruising than time attacks at the track — but at least the tail pipes are cool. It’s also the oldest Ferrari on the market currently, but later today, Ferrari will unmask its replacement. It’s currently unclear as to whether or not Ferrari will continue to use the California name.

That said, the project is being referred internally as the 149M program, with 149 being the platform code and M standing for “Modified,” or at least it has in the past. 149 is also the current platform code of the California, which could point to Ferrari simply updating the California, rather than offering a completely new vehicle. We doubt the country club goers will care either way.

What’s expected is a similar formula of a retractable hard-top roof and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. What could be a new feature, though, is the implementation of the 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 engine used by Maserati in the Quattroporte GTS — an engine actually manufactured by Ferrari. This could spice things up a whole lot, as the engine is rated at 523 horsepower in the large four-door Italian sedan. Applying that much power in a small roadster would transform the California into an open-top jet for the world’s best roads.

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