Ken Block Debuts 2014 Ford Fiesta Race Car In New Global RallyCross Racing Livery

Ever since his glorious days of YouTube and rallying began, Ken Block has been heralded as an international icon of ridiculous driving stunts thanks to his Gymkhana videos. And before the 2014 Global RallyCross Championship commences, the king of Hoonigans has released images of his latest, not-so-subtle entrant in full livery.

Deviating slightly from last year’s Monster Energy-inspired livery that graced his flame-spitting, gravel-devouring Ford Fiesta for the 2013 season; Block has displayed one of the most unique designs to ever race an official rally course.

Strikingly, the GRC Fiesta now has a black and white 8-bit zebra pattern, with highlighter blue rims and a massive rear wing in the same shade of eye-watering aqua. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; Ken Block’s weapon of choice is indeed a hilarious mixture of 80’s zebra print and equally as vintage video-game inspired graphics.

The Gymkhana variant features turbofan front wheel covers, as pictured above.

“I’m stoked with how the new liveries for my Ford Fiestas have turned out, as well as the race schedule we’ve been able to put together for 2014,” stated the enthusiastic Block in an official statement from the reveal of his 2014 competitor.

Whether or not you love or hate the new design from Ken Block, you have to appreciate his undeniable skills when the asphalt runs out. Hoping to string together consistent seasons in Global and World RallyCross Championships, he begins his title run February 21st-22nd in Rally America, with hopes of claiming the crown against some of the world’s toughest drivers, on the most brutal and demanding rally stages North America and Europe have to offer. Regardless of his ultimate finishing positions, enthusiasts and general spectators everywhere, will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of his next outrageous Gymkhana video on the interwebs, in an attempt to get a little taste of Block’s simply unbelievable driving skills.



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